About Us

Bluepeaks is a development and consulting firm that works with leaders and teams in Africa and across the world from a base in South Africa.

We have worked with many clients from around the world for the last 30 years.  During that time we have witnessed game changing moments of clarity and insight, the power of focused plans and courageous new moves, and then the joy and gratitude, even disbelief, when clients finally achieve their most valued goals and summits.

We believe our special magic is in the way we cut through the clutter to focus the attention on the high impact moves. We bring insight, focus and opportunities to develop mastery in the vital practices that drive results.

For us it’s personal.  We connect with every leader and they become part of our village for leaders where we discover great new things, share our ideas and challenges, and celebrate our achievements together on our growth and achievement expeditions. 

Our People 

Willem Steyn is the managing partner of Bluepeaks. Over the last 30 years he has worked with leaders and teams from various industries and countries around the world to guide them in strategy development and effective execution, to develop business leaders to deliver in tough conditions, to build cultures of trust and collaboration, and to grow talented individual contributors and teams for high performance.

Willem started out his career as a human resource professional and later moved into the consulting and development field where he found his niche as strategic thinking partner, facilitator of clarity and focus, trustworthy executive coach and creator of powerful development programmes.

Willem received a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology and an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.  He is also a certified SquadifyPro coach and a certified HBDI practitioner.

He is passionate about leadership and team development and is known to bring clarity, focus and inspiration to people while they struggle to figure out a way forward. His work with leaders on all levels from companies in various industries around the world has given him a front row seat to leader realities and development and provides a very practical perspective on leading for results. 

He lives in Pretoria with his family and when he is not working he loves spending time with friends, hiking, fishing and traveling.

Dr. Bernard van Vuuren is a director in Bluepeaks. He is a human factors and behavioural specialist with 27 years of experience in various industries. Bernard has worked with a variety of clients to help them identify opportunities for improvement and has designed and delivered projects to realize measurable and quantifiable business results.

Bernard started out his career as a Biokineticist and lecturer in biokinetics, wellness and sport science and has therefor a keen interest in wellness and health. He completed his PhD in 2005 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, and his Masters at the University of Pretoria in 1998. His passion is helping people to be healthy and live more – so they can achieve great things.

He is also a seasoned strategy facilitator and highly qualified innovation and problem-solving expert. He studied Design Thinking through MIT Sloan School of Management in the USA and his years as corporate executive and entrepreneur provides a solid foundation for his contribution as executive coach for leaders and teams. He provides the clarity and the practical focus our clients need to grow and achieve.

He resides in Hartbeespoort with his family and he enjoys outdoor adventures and participating in endurance sport. He has completed several Comrades marathons and Triathlon events including the Ironman African Championship.


Professional Associates

We work with a number of professional associates who are all experts in their particular fields. They bring the knowledge and experience our clients need to guide them on their growth and achievement journeys.

Dr. Org Linde is a highly experienced clinical psychologist who specializes in leadership development programmes, team development and executive coaching. His many years as lecturer in psychology and consulting in the corporate world has developed his considerable skillset to make a significant impact on the people he works with. 

Dr. Marli Jooste is a registered counselling therapist and psychometrist who is certified to conduct a range of assessments for recruitment and development. She is experienced in presenting programmes for young bright talent and her expertise in assessing and developing people is a great asset in her role as executive coach for leaders and teams. 


Our Partners

We work with a number of organisations to license their programmes and tools or to partner with them in delivering integrated solutions in joint ventures for larger projects. These partners have been around for many years and have proven their value with effective methodologies and tangible results.

Maserumule Growth Solutions operates in the organisational and leadership development space and has been our partner in many development programmes over the last 10 years. They partner with us to provide commercial contract management and programme delivery services for projects in South Africa.

Squadify is a powerful team acceleration platform that is fast changing the landscape in team development globally.  Willem Steyn is a certified SquadifyPro Coach who can provide you with guidance and support in using the Squadify framework.  Squadify aims to democratize teams, so they can take accountability for their own development and results. Making teamwork work better.

Hermann Solutions is home to the HBDI – one of the most powerful thinking preference profiles in the world.  The HBDI has been proven to deliver very valid and reliable individual and team profiles.  Willem Steyn is a certified HBDI practitioner and we use this very user-friendly, practical and effective tool for self-insight and team development.

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