Coaching and Customized Solutions

Breakthrough Coaching

This programme is ideal for individual leaders who want to improve their level of mastery in leadership.  It may also be valuable for leaders in transition to higher level roles.  Gain insights into the realities and dynamics of the arena you operate in, explore options and figure out what to do next in you quest for success.  The programme includes the VPL 360 development dashboard and is normally delivered on a virtual platform. The Breakthrough Coaching programme is available as either a shorter express or longer classic solution.

Customized Development Solutions

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we fundamentally understand their goals and realities so we can add value to their organization. Our customized solutions are aligned and integrated with company strategy, culture, and leadership principles to maximize effort and impact. We can assist with challenges such as strategy development and execution, making critical projects work, and implementing innovation and problem solving solutions.

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